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Alquiler de equipo de sonido micrófonos profesionales  y grabación

Sound Tables

Mesa Grabadora Sonosax SX-ST
Mesa de sonido Yamaha QL5 con Dante y Rio
Sound Table Sonosax SX-ST
Sound Table Yamaha QL5 con Dante y Rio


Microfono Neumann KMR 81
Microfono Neumann U87 Ai P48
Microfono Sennheiser MKH 416
Microphone Neumann KMR 81
Microphone Neumann U87 Ai P48
Microphone Sennheiser MKH 416
Microfono Schopes CMIT 5U
Microphone Schopes CMIT 5U
Microfono Schopes CMIT 5U
Microphone Schopes CMIT 5U

Wireless Microphones

Microfonos Inalambricos Sennheiser EM2050
Wireless microphones Sennheiser EM2050

Sound Recorders

Grabador Tascam HS-P82
Recorder Tascam HS-P82
Grabador Aaaton Cantar-X
Recorder Aaaton Cantar-X

INFINIA also has digital cinema equipment, HD video equipment, online and offline editing equipment, colour and grading equipment and sound editing and postproduction equipment. 

You can rent professional equipment and the latest technology for your fiction, film and advertising projects. In addition, if the production requires it you can also access our services of rental of sets in Madrid and Outsourcing.

We also can help you with:
salas para grabación de vídeo interior
contratar profesionales de edición de vídeo
Unidades moviles HD
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