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Rental of the best rated sets in the audiovisual sector, located in Madrid

Our sets for rent in Madrid are acoustically conditioned and offer a complete range of services designed to cover all production, technical, logistical and human needs: audio and video controls, air conditioning, dressing rooms, tailoring, props room, dining room, offices , meeting rooms, hairdressing and makeup, voice and data network and fiber optics. These sets are ideal for advertising, fiction and television programs and as a space for events.

Plato de 900 metros cuadrados grande

950 square meters, 9,7 meters high to walkway, dimmers room, hairdresser, makeup, tailoring, 10 dressing rooms, audio and video controls, dining room, voice and fiber optic network, air conditioning and configurable rooms according to needs.


plató de 1500 metros cuadrados muy grande
plató de publicidad cine y tv con chroma grande

800 square meters, 8 meters high with a chroma of 5 high, by 12 long and 6.5 deep. Tailoring, Production, Drafting, 9 dressing rooms, Vip Room, Air conditioning, fiber optic, technical controls and space for props, camera room and several. More information:



plato de 500 metros cuadrados

1500 square meters, 9,5 meters high with trusses, hairdressing and makeup, dressing room, meeting room, 10 dressing rooms, production offices, writing, art, script, room dimmers, air conditioning and fiber optic.




plato de 800 metros cuadrados con despachos

650 square meters with 9,5 meters in height. 10 dressing rooms, multipurpose rooms, props, Figuration, Make-up, Costumes. Fiber optic and air conditioning.





500 square meters, 8,5 meters high, air conditioning, technical rooms or controls, drafting, various uses, hairdressing, makeup and dressing rooms.


plato pequeños 100 metros cuadrados

70 and 110 square meters with 4 meters high, audio and video controls, voice network and fiber optic air conditioning.

plato muy grande para cine y televisión con 3000 metros cuadrados y oficinas camerinos peluquería

A complex of 3000 square meters of facilities that has 2 sets on street level of 450 and 600 meters each and a covered and heated street of 250 square meters. In the basement it has a recording area of 1,900 square meters. It has 12 dressing rooms, 2 hairdressing and makeup rooms, a room for figuration, a large dressing room, carpentry, props and first floor, dining room, production offices, script and executive production.


SET 10-A

SET 10-B

Our sets in the map:

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