Camera Grass Valley LDK 8000

Camera Sony FS7

Mixer Grass Valley Kayak HD

Alquiler de cámaras de vídeo HD Profesionales

Video Recorder HyperD Studio Pro
Video Recorder Aja Ki Pro Rack
Matriz HD Blackmagic Smart Videohub 12x12

Matriz HD Blackmagic Smart Videohub 40x40

Multiscreen Fora MV-3200

INFINIA also has digital cinema equipment, online and offline editing equipment, sound equipment, colour and grading equipment, and sound editing and post-production equipment.


You can rent professional equipment and the latest technology for your fiction, film and advertising projects. In addition, if the production requires it you can also access our services of rental of sets in Madrid and Outsourcing.

We also can help you with:
platós para grabar vídeo
contratar cámaras para eventos
Contratar unidades moviles y equipos de grabacion

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