Alquiler de cámaras Arri Opticas y monitores en madrid

Arri Alexa Plus 
Arri Alexa Mini


Optics Leica Summicron
Optic Zoom Arri Alura 45-250
Optics Arri Ultra Prime
Optics Arri Master Anamorficas 
Optic Zoom Fujinon 4k 20-120 
Optics Arri Master Prime
Optics Cooke-S4

Wireless controls and focus controls

Wireless remotes Scorpio Arri WCU 4
Wireless Zoom ZMU-3A
Wireless remote Arri WCU-4
Follow Focus Arri FF4

Tripods and camera stands

Trípodes Ronford
Easy Rig cinema 3
Easy Rig Vario 5
Head O’Connor Ultimate 2575D

Filter holders

Filter holder Arri LMB 25
Filter holder SMB 1, SMB 2
Filter holder Arri MB 20 II


Teradeks Bolt 600
Teradeks Bolt 1000


Monitors Sony Trimaster Oled
Monitors Tvlogic 058 y 056
Monitors WFM Astro y Harris
Monitors BlackMagic
Monitors Onda Harris Videotek TVM-840


Smart Assist 4
Odissey 7Q+ 
Complete Audiovisual Services for Cinema

At INFINIA, in addition to offering all the necessary equipment for renting film, it also has HD video equipment, online and offline editing equipment, sound equipment, color and grading equipment, and sound editing and post-production equipment. .


You can rent professional equipment and the latest technology for your fiction, film and advertising projects. In addition, if the production requires it you can also access our services of rental of sets in Madrid and Outsourcing.

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